I Love The Flower Girl…

“I saw her sitting in the rain
raindrops falling on her
she didn’t seem to care, she sat there and smiled at me!!


Then I knew
(I knew, I knew, I knew, I knew!)
she would make me happy
(happy, happy, she could make me very happy)
Flowers in her hair, Flowers everywhere


I love the flower girl
Oh, I don’t know just why.
She simply caught my eye.
I love the flower girl,
She seemed so sweet and kind.
She crept into my mind


Suddenly the sun broke through
(see the sun).
I turned around she was gone
(where did she go).
And all I had left
Was one little flower from her hair…”

(Photos by Derek Henderson for Rush Magazine)

-Music and lyrics by The Cowsills. 1967

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2 thoughts on “I Love The Flower Girl…

  1. Hi Taylor,

    Friends of my parents were helping their daughter pack for college and persuaded her to get rid of some of her record albums. Guess who got them all?! :) Even though I was just a kid at the time, I loved the idea of having all these albums…one of them being ‘The Cowsills.’ This song is one of my favorites.

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