Garden Note #52: Dogwood


The dogwood trees are in blossom now but I was at a loss as to the best way to display them indoors. I knew I wanted something a bit different and was so excited when I came across these photos from Martha Stewart. I love the simple arrangement of branches tucked into this antique Japanese wicker backpack. Now if only I could find one of these ‘backpacks.’ Any sources, readers?

(Photo by Maria Robledo for Martha Stewart Magazine, May 2008)

mARTha’s photography #9

My son Curtis is now a teenager. It’s hard for me to imagine that he was once small enough to hold in my arms. I look at him and wonder where all the time went. He’d be too embarrassed for me to write about him so I’ll just conclude by saying- Curt, I’m proud to be your mom.  And I love you!


(Photo- Martha B.)

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mARTha’s photography #8

Summer Colors

There’s nothing that says summer more than red, white and blue. For me, those colors bring memories of vacations spent in Maine- eating red lobster, wearing my favorite white Keds and gazing at the blue ocean from a porch swing. Someone at Red Magazine must have enjoyed some summers in New England too, because a recent photo shoot captured the feel and colors of it perfectly.


The great classic denim jacket by Current Elliot mixes easily with a longer length plaid dress from Martin Grant. Don’t overlook the fun accessory of a striped cotton belt at Nicole Farhi.


I love this white and blue cashmere dress by Loro Piana instead of the usual sweatshirt cover up.


Nothing beats a nap in a hammock especially with the one you love. Relax in a blue Vince t-shirt and a Marni silk skirt.


When the sun goes down, Maine can be chilly so always have a jacket handy. This one is from Sportmax.


After a fun day on the beach it’s great to dress up (just a bit) in shorts/skirt combination by Prada and head out to one of the many restaurants serving fresh seafood.

(Photos by Coliena Rentmeester for Red Magazine)

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