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Garden Note #52: Dogwood


The dogwood trees are in blossom now but I was at a loss as to the best way to display them indoors. I knew I wanted something a bit different and was so excited when I came across these photos from Martha Stewart. I love the simple arrangement of branches tucked into this antique Japanese wicker backpack. Now if only I could find one of these ‘backpacks.’ Any sources, readers?

(Photo by Maria Robledo for Martha Stewart Magazine, May 2008)

mARTha’s photography #9

My son Curtis is now a teenager. It’s hard for me to imagine that he was once small enough to hold in my arms. I look at him and wonder where all the time went. He’d be too embarrassed for me to write about him so I’ll just conclude by saying- Curt, I’m proud to be your mom.  And I love you!


(Photo- Martha B.)

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mARTha’s photography #8

The Bride Wore…A Short Floral Dress?


This beautiful linen dress is just right for a relaxed summer wedding.

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100 Abandoned Houses


I wish I could restore them all!

(Thank you Fine Little Day for the link)

Summer Colors

There’s nothing that says summer more than red, white and blue. For me, those colors bring memories of vacations spent in Maine- eating red lobster, wearing my favorite white Keds and gazing at the blue ocean from a porch swing. Someone at Red Magazine must have enjoyed some summers in New England too, because a recent photo shoot captured the feel and colors of it perfectly.


The great classic denim jacket by Current Elliot mixes easily with a longer length plaid dress from Martin Grant. Don’t overlook the fun accessory of a striped cotton belt at Nicole Farhi.


I love this white and blue cashmere dress by Loro Piana instead of the usual sweatshirt cover up.


Nothing beats a nap in a hammock especially with the one you love. Relax in a blue Vince t-shirt and a Marni silk skirt.


When the sun goes down, Maine can be chilly so always have a jacket handy. This one is from Sportmax.


After a fun day on the beach it’s great to dress up (just a bit) in shorts/skirt combination by Prada and head out to one of the many restaurants serving fresh seafood.

(Photos by Coliena Rentmeester for Red Magazine)

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Patriotic Rewards


whiteribbon-optWhite and…


All from Marquis & Camus.

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Lil’Pix #98

Fashion & Muse


Mark your calendars for this exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City-

The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion, May 6- August 9, 2009.

Read more about it here.

(Vintage photo of Twiggy by Bert Stern for Italian Vogue Magazine)

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