A Few Of My Favorite Things #6: Vintage Stove

The things you love make a house a home.

As I designed our kitchen the question of what kind of stove to get came up. My husband had been eyeing a stainless steel restaurant stove but we both knew it was beyond our reach. It would literally take a huge chunk out of our budget. And besides, they were becoming too popular. My thought was to go with an antique stove but that had its problems too. Where to get one was the biggest. I spent hours surfing the web but most of the sources I found had reconditioned stoves and charged a lot for that. I found a couple at some antique stores in upstate New York but they needed major repairs. Finally, I came across Old House Journal and their ad section. Here were over a hundred ads for all kinds of house materials- flooring, radiators, claw foot tubs, sinks and stoves. I found a vintage one from the 1930’s for sale in a town not far from us and called the owners to see if they still had it. Did we get it? You bet!


(Photo of our kitchen- Martha B. and Andy H.)

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11 thoughts on “A Few Of My Favorite Things #6: Vintage Stove

  1. What a fantastic kitchen! Drool! Drool! You always come up with great stuff, but your personal things are the best! Love your blog.

  2. I love the stove!! Really cool!

    I must ask, though, for my own personal curiousity… how do you like you wood countertops?? Are they durable? Are they easy to maintain, or a little harder? Do you cut on them??

  3. Rachel,

    I love our butcher block countertops. They’re actually quite easy to maintain…I’ve left mine unsealed so that I wipe them down and then oil them two or three times a year. As far as cutting on them…I prefer not to. :)

  4. I really like the colour of the kitchen lockers.
    I have a wardrobe and bookshelf in, I guess, very similar colour at home (in Latvia, Riga):

    It turned out that those come from children room collection but I don’t mind :)
    The bookself in real life look like this:

  5. Hi Raiva-

    I’ve always had painted kitchen cabinets but went with light maple this time. :)

    Hi Erika-

    It’s now three cooks…our son Curt is learning to make his own breakfast! He does a mean plate of fried eggs! :)

  6. Was this stove restored? I have an old stove already that came with the house I bought. I love it (it’s from the 1950s) but it has an open pilot light. I have been wondering if I could get the “innards” changed out for modern ones.

    1. Charlotte- No our stove is in its original condition…it also has an open pilot light which isn’t a problem. You will find that to have a stove reconditioned will cost quite a bit…

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