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Easter Table Setting

Design Project-

Create a table setting for Easter breakfast.


List of supplies and sources-

Table cloth fabric- Waverly ‘Hen House

Napkin fabrics- assorted from Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts

Dishes- 1940’s ‘Universal Ballerina‘ in red

Glassware- William Sonoma

Centerpiece- antique metal egg basket, egg scale, rooster model

Flowers- Daisies

(Photo- Martha B.)

Note- This would be a fun idea for hanging over the table!

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The Little White Dress

Amsale Bridal is pleased to present-

“The Little White Dress”

starring Audrey


Meet the rest of the cast here.

Jazzy Jumpsuit

Spring Shopping List

#4. Substitute jeans for spring’s hottest look- a jumpsuit.


Navy blue jumpsuit by Dries Van Noten. T- shirt from Paul Smith. Shoes at The Way We Wore.

(Photo- Italian Flair Magazine)

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Chesley McLaren


All her life, Chesley Mclaren wanted to be a fashion designer. But time and again she was thwarted from achieving her goal. And as life so many times leads in another direction, Chesley was led to be an artist-author with the publication of her delightful drawings and later her books. But life can also come full circle as Chesley discovered when she made an appearance in one of her own clothing designs. Not only were her drawings a hit but everyone wanted to know who made the smock she had on! She now had an audience not just for her books but for what she loved doing the most- designing. She set about creating a yummy collection full of fun, colorful and whimsical pieces. The response? Pure enthusiasm!


Vocabulary #35: Sign

sign- a posted notice bearing a designation, direction, or command.


Have a good weekend everybody!

Decorating Tip From David Hicks


David Hicks, the popular British decorator, had an intuitive sense for furniture placement. One idea he liked to use was placing the bed in the center of the room. He did this in his own bedroom with four matching Empire chairs at each corner. To give warmth he had a fabulous canopy and bed linens made from his line of printed fabric.


(Photos- from the book ‘David Hicks on decoration with fabrics‘. 1971)

Send In The Clowns

Spring Shopping List

#3. The must have t-shirt!


The Beatles designed t-shirt by Stella McCartney. Available exclusively at TK Maxx.

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