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The Short Wedding Dress Club has officially opened its doors! As a member you will receive a monthly picture post card e-mail with a short wedding dress from a current collection or an inspired old one. All you have to do is e-mail me (windinmysails @ gmail .com)  or Anne-Marie of Perfect Bound so we can add you to our address list.

(Photo by Noe DeWitt for Town & Country Magazine)

Note: E-mail addresses will be used only for the club.

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The Short Wedding Dress Club

16 thoughts on “You’re Invited To Join…

  1. Your wonderful blog is a most delightful place to visit. We have a future wedding forthcoming. The bride is extremely self-conscious of her ankles- according to her they are too big. The groom’s mother thinks otherwise. I think a short dress for this her second wedding would be appropriate and stunning. I look forward to receiving your SHORT WEDDING DRESS CLUB postcard! Please subscribe me. You have created a wonderful idea.

  2. I want to join! Love the idea of a short dress and will probably take the scissors to my long dress before the wedding!

  3. Could I join even if I (regrettably) didn’t wear a short dress? The good news is that I can still get away with it as short white dresses are perfect for spring & summer cocktails! (If only my life was that glam…)

  4. I’m only 5 feet 2 inches.. I think short dresses suit me better.. thanks for the idea, i love it!
    Please count me in :)

  5. Always loved the idea of a short wedding dress! They look so light , easy and fun. Im quite tall and slim, I think a dress short in front and long at the back suits me the best. Need to start looking as Im getting married next summer and the dress on your site(long behind and short in front) is amazing. Is it possible to know where I can find it. Thank you for coming up with such a wonderful idea!

    1. Allona- Welcome to ‘Nibs’ and I’m glad you enjoyed this post. The ivory brocade puffball dress with elevated front is from Paul Costelloe (made to order). Hope this helps in your search.

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