A Few Of My Favorite Things #5: Door Knobs

The things you love make a house a home.

Sometimes it’s the small things that make a difference in a home. For me it was our door knobs. When we bought our old house many of the doors were damaged and the knobs mismatched or altogether lost. I was determined to fix all the doors and to find antique knobs that would work well with the style of our house. Initially I thought I’d use glass but when I came across some wooden ones at a barn sale, I knew I had found my knobs! The problem was that there weren’t enough of them! It took me two years of garage sales, antique fairs and ebay to find all that I needed. But it was worth the effort. I love how they look and feel every time I open one of our doors.

(Photo- Martha B.)

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4 thoughts on “A Few Of My Favorite Things #5: Door Knobs

  1. It’s great that even such a small detail is chosen so carefully and without a rush. I guess it’s really cool that a door knob can make you smile. Every day :)

  2. What a beautiful door knob, and it looks like it would have a great feel to it. When we bought our house, built in 1929, one of the details I loved about it was the glass doorknobs throughout. All clear glass except the front door which has a smoky purple glass knob, it’s my favorite :)

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