Slumber Party

Back in October, I mentioned a growing trend of pajama wearing as an alternative to  shirt and pants. Now it appears that pajamas are a primary look for this spring. Take a peek at these photos from the current issue of Teen Vogue-


A great way to start the morning! Brooks Brothers boxers (elastic has been added to the legs) are paired up with a Diane Von Furstenberg floral jacket and Paul & Joe Sister shirt.


Catching some rays? Instead of jeans, pull on a pair of Natori dotted pajama bottoms. The blouse is by Andy & Debb and the shoes are from Marc Jacobs.


For all those who’d love to wear pajamas but are a bit shy… try this-  wear a short New & Lingwood paisley robe with shorts, skirt or jeans.

( Found via Chelsea)

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  1. wow i love this look! i really need to start picking up teen vogue again. i’ve become to enraptured in the design community.

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