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Bride’s Portrait #9


Unfortunately I don’t know where this photograph came from. But I wanted to post it regardless since it’s such a unique portrait of a bride.

Update- Thanks to Alisa we now have the name of the photographer-  Duston Todd.

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Bride’s Portrait #8


Bride- Lisa

Photographer- Corinne May Botz

Location- Livingston, New York

Date- 2008

(found via- Eastside Bride)

Bride’s Portrait #7


Bride- Hillary

Photographers- Matt and Angie Sloan

Location- Unknown

Date- 2008

(found via Snippet & Ink, Casando Ideias)

The Bride Wore…Feathers?

This feather headdress created by stylist Sally Dixon would be an incredible departure from the normal bridal veil. And yes, it’s not for everyone. But if you’re willing to think outside the box it could work.


Ivory brocade dress and bolero from Ulrich Engler.

(Photo- British Cosmopolitan Bride Magazine)

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The Bride Wore…A Hat?

Rita’s Wedding Dress


In 1949 movie actress Rita Hayworth married for the third time to boyfriend Prince Aly Khan. The wedding in France caused a media frenzy, but the couple happily posed during their reception. Instead of a bridal gown Rita chose a blue tea-length crepe dress and matching hat designed by Jacques Fath. Later it was copied and sold at department stores. Life Magazine captured some of Rita’s female fans trying on the duplicate dress with some interesting results. Take a peek in the dressing room-


“ the fit in the shoulders alright?”


“What do you think, Erma? Yes, I love the color…but my shoes will have to go. Do you remember what Rita wore?”


“I wonder…my hair up or down?”


” Maybe some Kleenex up top would help…just to fill you out a bit.”


” Oh..Frank…I love it! But do you think we can really afford it?”

(Photos- Life. Dialog- Martha B.)

You’re Invited To Join…


The Short Wedding Dress Club has officially opened its doors! As a member you will receive a monthly picture post card e-mail with a short wedding dress from a current collection or an inspired old one. All you have to do is e-mail me (windinmysails @ gmail .com)  or Anne-Marie of Perfect Bound so we can add you to our address list.

(Photo by Noe DeWitt for Town & Country Magazine)

Note: E-mail addresses will be used only for the club.

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Invitations To Fashion Week

Wouldn’t it be exciting to receive a designer’s invitation to see their new fall collection? Here are just a few of them and  notice how each one reflects the designer’s personality.


1. Libertine‘s invitation and…


…their clothing.


2. Betsey Johnson‘s invitation…


…and her clothing.


3. Leifsdottir‘s invitation and…


…their clothing.


4. 3.1 Phillip Lim‘s invitation…


…and his clothing.


5. Bodkin‘s invitation and…


…their clothing.

More invitations go here.