Garden Note #42: Orchard Ladder



Before present-day aluminum orchard ladders, wooden ones were used to access garden fruit trees. Most were designed with three legs so that they could easily be inserted between branches. This vintage example is available at J.Peterman.

(Fashion photo- Juergen Teller for Marc Jacobs)


4 thoughts on “Garden Note #42: Orchard Ladder

  1. We have an aluminum orchard ladder — so much lighter to haul around the garden and position, though not as romantic as the wood version. They are wonderfully stable and you can squeeze them between branches for better pruning. This is the month we prune our apple trees, but so far it’s been too cold or snowy to do it.

  2. Linda-

    I need to get an orchard ladder for our high bush blue berries. In the past I’ve been using a standard ladder but it’s too hard to get it into the patch. :)

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