Winter Weekend Clothes

We had more snow last night and the temperature is just above the freezing mark this afternoon. When the weather is like this I’m drawn toward sweaters, bold plaids and big lumberjack checks. No wonder these photos caught my attention.


This large checked shirt in black and red looks great with a short denim skirt- all from Ralph Lauren. I love the Nordic-inspired knitted socks.


You have to have a certain amount of confidence to pull off wearing a long Ralph Lauren skirt in the winter, but it can be so unexpected and fun.


A velvet tuxedo jacket by Giacca with hiking pants!? It’s a stretch, but works well when done in all black and with the shots of color- here a tartan plaid shirt and moss green socks.


Although ponchos aren’t as fashionable as they were several years ago, this  Ralph Lauren design makes it a classic.

(Photos- Italian Vogue)

2 thoughts on “Winter Weekend Clothes

  1. Wow — that last photo is a great image. All those different greens and the different kinds and tufts of grasses and then those horizontals of fence and wire. What composition! What colors! It’s a design lesson in itself.

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