Then&Now: Chairs By Eames

Then- Look closely at this 1952 ad for modern dining chairs designed by Charles Eames. Did you notice the price?! Only $25! Wow! I sure wish my grandparents had bought one!



Now- The same popular chairs are still available for sale, but at a considerable higher price $399.00- 1,179.00! Eames molded plywood chairs from left to right- DCW, DCM and the LCM.

(Photos- Better Homes and Gardens, 1952. Design Within Reach)

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2 thoughts on “Then&Now: Chairs By Eames

  1. What I would give for an original vintage Eames! These are one of those things where the more I obsess about them, the more I seem to see them everywhere!

    I’m trying to convince my inlaws that they’d be perfect in their new living room. I’ve been directing their renovation from afar—including the reclaimed barnwood that they drove into the countryside to gather for their new floors! I’m still working on getting them to go to maine for an antique marble fireplace surround—maybe you can give me some tips!

  2. Hi Anne-

    Years ago I saw an original Eames chair at my doctor’s office and I didn’t say anything…the next time I went it was gone. :(

    There are lots of places to look for fireplace mantles…salvage yards are great. Let me get back to you.

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