The Mature Bride


Who is the mature bride? She’s older and probably marrying for the second time. She has children and chances are her finance does too. She isn’t planning a big traditional wedding- just an intimate time with family and friends. She already wore the white bridal dress and veil the first time around, but she still wants to wear something special.

I think this dress works beautifully- satin with a pleated skirt and one shoulder tie by Ulrich Engler.

(Photo- British Brides Magazine)


6 thoughts on “The Mature Bride

  1. what a beautiful tall woman! I am the bride you speak of. I bought a Pronovias dress for $135 on the internet, but unfortunately spent a fortune getting it to fit. Could have bought several nice dresses out there for the same. But this one is super-classy! I love it.

  2. What a funny post! I got married this summer at age 35 – my husband was 33, and it was a first wedding for both of us, and I still felt like a “mature bride.” I felt ridiculous in most of the wedding dresses I tried on, and it even felt weird being referred to as a “bride!”

  3. I’m with Catherine –tied the knot @ 32 on 6.27.09. First marriage, no kids on either side, but still felt “mature” –and ridiculous in poufy gowns. I went with a Reem Acra sheath that made me feel absolutely beautiful.

    1. Eileen- I think there are a lot of women, even getting married for the first time, that want a more refined wedding dress. Your sheath sounds gorgeous. :)

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