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A Bright Future- Yellow


Do you want to repaint your living room or kitchen this new year? According to Pantone, the company that aids designers by predicting future color trends, yellow is to be the big color for 2009. “I think it’s just the most wonderful symbolic color of the future,” says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. “It’s invariably connected to warmth, sunshine and cheer — all the good things we’re in dire need of right now.”

Note– See Anne of City Sage’s yellow post.

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My Yellow Dining Room

(Photo- American HomeStyle and Gardening)

Pink Taffeta Party Skirt


What a stunning skirt if you have the funds- from none other than J.Crew! Perfect for that fancy New Year’s Eve party or for a bride who wants something out of the ordinary.

Christmas Now Past


Another Christmas has come and gone. Our plans to spend the day with friends fell through when one of their kids got sick. So, it was just a nice quiet day at home reading and watching Curt’s new DVD on Abbott and Costello. What did you do on Christmas?


Remember this earlier photo of our fireplace mantle? Here it is decorated for the holidays.

Christmas Alphabet- Z


Z is for ZZZ END!

(Photo- Life Magazine archive)

Christmas Alphabet- Y


Y is for YULE LOG.

(Photo- Design Sponge)

Christmas Alphabet- X


X is for XMAS.

(Photo- Etsy)

Christmas Alphabet- W


W is for WREATH.

(Photo- American HomeStyle and Gardening)