Gudrum Sjödén

Here are some fresh inspirations from Swedish designer Gudrum Sjödén. Make sure you visit her website, too!


Vacker! (Beautiful) A comfortably worn leather chair from the 1950’s and an old country cupboard are placed alongside her company’s embroidered rug.


Se leksaken apa? (See the toy monkey?) The bed is dressed simply but Gudrum also offers some fun graphic prints as well! On the floor is her ‘Inka’ wool rug.


A whole range of fabrics from solids, florals and stripes are offered for home decorating. I love how this spring green fabric adds to the cozy kitchen setting.


Check out this bathroom! Wide stripes of green and white fabric is affixed to a simple wooden screen. The green is picked up in Gudrum’s selection of towels and bath mat.


3 thoughts on “Gudrum Sjödén

  1. gorgeous! great find…I am loving that colour green so much lately! OK if I use a couple of those pics too (THAT bathroom!)? I will link to your site and the source of course :)

  2. OH! Her web site is fabulous. I keep putting together outfits and then calculating the price in Euros (ugh). I love the age and size range of the models. Why do other countries do that but we so rarely do?! Thanks for alerting me to this wonderful designer.

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