‘Going Green': Beautiful, But Expensive!

As interest and concern for the environment continues, it’s not surprising to see designers looking to create their clothing from a wider range of textiles. The results are beautiful, but still expensive!


Giambattista Valli’s white ruffled dress is made of a biopolymer- a material made from corn and used as an alternative for polyester, but the price tag is $10,000!


Nothing beats the feel of cotton, especially if it’s not dyed and no toxic chemicals are used in the processing. Marni has designed this cute smock dress, but it’s $910!


Recycling clothing or thrifting is also very popular. Libertine has made it an art form and you can see why! A vintage taffeta dress with lace overlay is adorable, but the price of $2,500 is not!


Abaca, a fabric made from banana leaf stalks, is the material of choice for this dress by Doo.ri, but again, the price is high- $1,395!

(Photos- New York Times, April, 2008)

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4 responses to “‘Going Green': Beautiful, But Expensive!

  1. Oh how I wish more affordable designers would go green. It really upsets me that ethical design is still the privilege of the wealthy.

    That Libertine dress is stunning!

  2. No wonder people think the green movement is elitist.

  3. You are looking at one-of-a kind designer clothes with a lot of intricate details. This kind of work always costs a lot of money to make. Plus, take into consideration how little of this eco-friendly fabric is even made, as well as how high the costs of production are to create it in a sustainable way. If you do the math, the price for what goes into the dresses is reasonable.

    • Nicole- Quite right. But it still makes it unaffordable to the masses…like me. :) I do hope designers continue experimenting with ‘green’ products though. ..and maybe come across something that achieves the texture they want without the cost.