KidFile #20: Eskimo Cradle

I have several old booklets with creative ideas for children’s rooms. One clever idea is this Eskimo bed- a wooden cradle held by ropes and anchored to the ceiling by a hook. I never got the chance to try this, but perhaps one of you nibs readers will.

Here’s how-

“You need four 1 by 4s (two @24 inches long, two @36 inches long), a 20 by 24-inch piece of  5/8 or 3/4-inch birch plywood, two 18-inch 1 by 2s, and some 3/8-inch diameter nylon rope (on the cradle shown, the rope is covered with decorative macrame). A 1-inch diameter spring (garage door type) can be added so that the bed jiggles as the baby moves.

Glue and nail the 1 by 4s to make the frame. Bolt the 1 by 2s together in the middle to form a spreader, as shown in the drawing. Drill 7/16-inch holes for the rope in the corners of the plywood, frame, and spreader, and assemble as shown above by knotting and threading the rope. Suspend the plywood a few inches below the frame. For extra coziness, lap a small quilt over the cradle sides and floor, stapling it underneath. Then lay bedding on top.” Design adaption by Douglass Stewart.


(Photos and directions from- Sunset Ideas for Children’s Rooms & Play Yards, 1970)