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Anthropologie- Wired For Christmas

Check out these fun pages from Anthropologie‘s holiday catalog- all done with bent wire! Talk about creative!





Christmas Craft #1: Oven Mitt Place Setting

Ten years ago I decorated tables for a women’s luncheon at Christmastime. I came up with the idea of using kitchen mitts at each place setting. Back then I chose solid red, but I thought it would be fun to try something different for this post. I found this funky mitt at Anthropologie, and then paired it with a 1940’s yellow-green Ballerina plate and a large silver jingle bell. Tucked inside are gifts wrapped in Martha Stewart paper and tied up with white pompom ribbon from the Container Store.

(Photo- Martha B.)

Then&Now: Thanksgiving Day Parade


Then- The annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York 1941- one week before the attack on Pearl Harbor.


Now- Sixty-six years later, Pikachu leads the procession.

Have a wonderful holiday everyone.

(Top photo- Life Magazine Archive. Bottom- msnbc)

The Bride Wore…A Hat?

Years ago a woman never left the house without a hat. Now most women don’t even bother. Too bad, because a hat can be such a beautiful accessory especially for a bride!


Ivory silk tulle and Alencon lace bridal hat by Edgardo Bonilla. Beaded sheath dress from Naeen Khan (spring ’08)

(Photo- Elegant Bride)

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mARTha’s photography #3

Our son Curtis goes to camp every summer in upstate New York. After we drop him off, I try to make a stop at my favorite antique mall. The building itself has a wonderful history and the contents of 22 dealers make it a thrill! I never have the time to leisurely go through everything- I have an impatient husband and dog waiting out in the car! But this July I did manage an hour or two to browse and take some photos to share with you!


I don’t often come across taxidermy, however one dealer’s stall had several including this fox.


Antique tools are displayed on the deep stone window sill.


A 1920’s straw hat waiting to be purchased. On the right are old exterior shutters.


Whenever I see old bottles I think of my grandfather who collected them. I love the colored glass ones!

(Photos- Martha B.)

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Two Of A Kind

The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing will be…


PINBACK BUTTONS! And lots of them!

Check eBay and etsy!

Color Wheel Holiday Cards


What a creative spin on the color wheel! (pun intended!) Each color represents something festive during the Christmas season- from mint jelly green to cranberry red! These holiday cards are available here.

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