Thrifting American Style

More and more people are discovering the fun and creativity of thrifting for clothes. Places like garage sales, GoodWill, Ebay, Etsy and clothing exchange parties are all popular sources of new or vintage clothing. Magazines are also noticing this trend and getting in the act. Check out these pictures from Eliza magazine using all thrifted clothes-

Do the Twist! Get dancing in some vintage clothing! Don’t you just dig the long skirt on her and the two-toned shoes on him?

My Girl! Don’t be afraid to combine clothes from different eras and different textures.

Rock around the clock! Hey- you might even be lucky enough to find a leather jacket like Fonzie! Here it’s worn with cords and polo shirt.

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4 thoughts on “Thrifting American Style

  1. Lately I’m addicted to Goodwill. Today I made my second trip in a week and I scored two mid-century modern occasional tables for $15 and two shaker chairs for $14…I was so close to picking up a blue wool boyfriend blazer for $7 but I put it back. And of course now that I’ve seen these pics I’m kicking myself! I wonder if I go back tomorrow if it will still be there…thanks Martha B for the inspiration as always!

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