Twiggy’s Outfit #4: A Country Walk

Another fun post on Twiggy’s Outfits. I wonder where our famous model paper doll is going today? And more importantly- what is she going to wear?

Twiggy is on holiday in the English countryside taking photographs with her new camera. There’s a bit of a chill in the air, so she’s wearing a warm olive-green corduroy jacket and skirt ensemble. (Similar to shown) Accessories include knitted knee socks and walking shoes.

(Photos- Look Magazine, Vogue, images. Twiggy- Martha B.)

Twiggy’s Outfits #5: Set Sail

6 thoughts on “Twiggy’s Outfit #4: A Country Walk

  1. During the Twiggy years one of my favorite “walking” outfits was a pair of brown tweed “plus-fours” or knickers as they were also called, worn with a long belted creamy tweed cardigan sweater and a pair of “Spaldings” for women shoes.

    They were a warm brown leather wingtip with the typical perforated designs. But they also had a flap that was removable that came down over the tongue and laces and was fringed on the ends. I don’t know if you can picture that but they were the height of British sporting elegance. And something that was really a man’s shoe but redesigned to the scale and slimness of a woman’s foot. I adored them!

  2. I don’t remember them in suede but it would not surprise me if they did make a suede version. I have something similar now that are linen and suede and very pale and elegant (but no flap). How I wish I would have taken more photos of my favorite outfits!

  3. That Twiggy! She sure gets around!

    And I love her taste in shoes…I’ve been in the market for a pair of not-too-clunky oxfords and those ones by Frye are beauties!

    I’m also lusting after these from YMC but at that price I’ll just have to drool from afar…

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