Then&Now: Updo Hairstyle

By the 1940’s women set aside the daily ritual of wearing a hat for no hat at all. In so doing they began experimenting and creating all kinds of fun new hairstyles.  One popular style was the “updo” which has a large curled portion of hair pinned just above the forehead. What’s amusing is that this same look has shown up on the fashion runways for fall.

Then– Books, magazines, and movies were main sources for women in the 1940’s to see the latest hairstyles- including the “updo.”

Now– Fresh from the fall runway is this new version of the “updo”!

Now– Here the 1940’s spirit in a current layout for Vogue lives on and the “updo” fits perfectly with the coat from A.P.C. NYC and Prada lace skirt.

(Photos- Amazon, Elle, American Vogue)

2 thoughts on “Then&Now: Updo Hairstyle

  1. Loving this! I’d style my hair this way when wearing really simple, clean, high-waisted dark jeans, a blazer, and a men’s inspired oxford shoe. I feel as though this hair style also had a bit of a revival in the early 80’s–I’m thinking of the beautiful robot girl in the movie Bladerunner. Does that seem right?

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