Garden Note #33: Pink Anemone

One of my favorite autumn blooming flowers is Japanese Anemone ‘Queen Charlotte’.  It takes all summer to grow until finally in September it has thick green leaves at the base with stems that can reach 4 to 5 feet high. The blossoms are delicate with beautiful shades of pink. They also make great cut flowers since they can last a week or more.

A small bouquet of anemone in our bathroom.

(Photos- Martha B.)

5 thoughts on “Garden Note #33: Pink Anemone

  1. Lovely flower! I also have a pink variety, September Charm, and it’s just about done flowering. My first order of bulbs arrived today so I’m glad the anemone is over as I want to plant bulbs in the same area. I realized last Spring that since anemones come up late, they would be a perfect coverup for dying bulb foliage. Of course, the anemone is already in place and 3 years old so I am going to have to stuff bulbs in around it carefully.

  2. Hi Teresa- I know what you mean about shoe-box apartments…we lived in them for ten years! Even though your apartment is small it must be exciting to live in New York City! :)

  3. Hi – This photograph is so amazing – at first.. I thought it was from a magazine… but when I saw that it was taken by you, I had to write – the posts from your own life are my favorites – they really showcase all of your artistic talents – truly terrific~

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