StyleFile #47: Think Pink For Decorating

Most people look at the color pink and see only a little girl’s bedroom. But pink is a great color that can be used in any room- living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and master bedrooms!

First, to get us thinking pink let’s listen to this song from one of my favorite movies- “Funny Face.”

Now some inspiring pink rooms- enjoy!

1. Living room– A soft blush of pink covers the walls of Marian McEvoy‘s living room. She kept it from being too sweet by introducing brown. Here it’s used in the rug and pillows. And check out Marian’s artwork glued to the walls- all from pine cones!

2. Living room– Would you believe this is almost the same color scheme of pink and brown? The only difference is in the color intensity. Accents of brown are in the solid-colored pillow, the dark wooden furniture and the picture frames.

3. Living room– Bright pink was used in this Parisian apartment and wow! Doesn’t it give a more youthful feel? Fun accessories include the chandelier ( see reflected in the mirror), the graphic rug, modern paintings and stacks of books everywhere!

4. Living room– Isn’t this charming? Pink walls combine wonderfully with the rustic features (wooden beams and stone fireplace) of this farmhouse in France. And I love the over-scaled pink checked fabric on the furniture!

5.Living room– To do pink doesn’t necessarily mean just painting your walls. You could purchase or cover existing furniture in pink fabrics instead.  A wonderful example by Shelia Bridges-  a solid (Holly Hunt “Pink Lady) on the sofa and a large floral on the chairs.

6. Kitchen Pink in the kitchen can also be totally unexpected and fun!

7. Kitchen– Small kitchens like this one in Europe, benefit from strong color. Why not choose a deep pink?!

8. Kitchen– Just because a kitchen is modern doesn’t mean it can’t have a touch of pink! Here back-lit pink acetate and Lucite create a focal point in this kitchen.

9. Bathroom- Don’t be afraid to try pink in the bathroom. Here is a good balance of feminine (the mirror) with masculine (marble countertop and contemporary sink.)

10. Bathroom– Simple pink elements like the flowers and bucket are nice touches in a bathroom.

11. Master bedroom– Classic pink floral wall paper called “Bowood” from Colefax and Fowler makes this room so romantic! And really, what’s wrong with that?

12. Master bedroom– Do you love modern? Pink can still be used as a background color (Benjamin Moore Regal Matte in Charming Pink) with bright white ceiling and trim. To keep the clean look, use white linens and edit your accessories to just a few- like the metal lamps and framed photos (bedside table.)

13. Master bedroom– Talk about a great mix! This room has rich pink walls (BL 32 Pink Tiger) paired with a mirrored bed, pink edged linens, a floral rug; all kept in check by the black club chair.

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4 thoughts on “StyleFile #47: Think Pink For Decorating

  1. This series of photos of pink rooms has to be one of the most interesting and far-ranging visual essays I’ve seen. And your comments are intelligent and thoughtful. Your blog is getting bookmarked!
    The week of pink in honor of your friend was lovely.

  2. I’m loving the pink posts!
    Growing up, my mom painted our living room a deep strong pink – a little deeper than Pepto Bismol! I hated it at first, but now, looking back, I realize how stylish it really was!!

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