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StyleFile #50: Foyers

foyer- an entrance way or transitional space from the exterior to the interior of a building or home.

Foyers reveal more than you think. They are wonderful preludes not only to your home but to you personally. Don’t leave it as an afterthought! Instead try and create a visually exciting space that plays off the architecture and offers hints to your interests. Here are just a few of my favorites to inspire you!

The front door leads right into this gracious foyer of an older home. What keeps it interesting, though, are all the homeower’s touches- plants, needlepoint rug, antiques, and a surprise- the salvaged cornice placed over the door!

Bright yellow walls greet guests to this home in Europe. Notice the fun patterned door, paintings, fabric covered lampshade and the couple’s collection of umbrellas!

I love the soft blue used on the wainscot and rug in this Swedish summer cottage. The curves of the Thonet bench break of the linear lines of the paneling and act as a ground for the monochromatic color scheme.

Artist John Derian‘s apartment in New York City has a very small but memorable foyer! He covered the walls and the front door with pages torn from old books!

Built in 1835, this house boasted a stunning entry foyer! The owner’s passion for Swedish design dictated the light colors and the well chosen antiques- the Charles Eastlake hat rack, an inherited 1930’s Renaissance style table and the large pendant light fixture.

Fun and quirky are the words that come to mind when entering this foyer of a young family in California. Check out the chair!

Wow! Talk about a flamboyant mix of styles! The neoclassical staircase becomes almost playful when combined with vintage red Jean Royere armchairs and a seashell covered mirror!

(Photos- House and Garden, World of Interiors, Elle Decor)

Thrifting American Style

More and more people are discovering the fun and creativity of thrifting for clothes. Places like garage sales, GoodWill, Ebay, Etsy and clothing exchange parties are all popular sources of new or vintage clothing. Magazines are also noticing this trend and getting in the act. Check out these pictures from Eliza magazine using all thrifted clothes-

Do the Twist! Get dancing in some vintage clothing! Don’t you just dig the long skirt on her and the two-toned shoes on him?

My Girl! Don’t be afraid to combine clothes from different eras and different textures.

Rock around the clock! Hey- you might even be lucky enough to find a leather jacket like Fonzie! Here it’s worn with cords and polo shirt.

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Twiggy’s Outfit #5: Set Sail

This is the fifth in a series of posts called Twiggy’s Outfits. I hope you’re enjoying these as much as I have putting them together! So, where do you think our paper doll model is going today?  And more importantly- what is she going to where?

Some friends of Twiggy’s have invited her for a day of sailing. Doesn’t she look great in her nautical attire- pants, striped sweater, shoes and cap?!

(Photos- Look Magazine, Vogue. Paperdoll- Martha B.)

Twiggy’s Outfit #6: To Market