Winning Horse #3: Black Beauty

” Well, my dear,” she said, “how do like him?”
” He is exactly what John said, ” he replied. “What shall we call him?”
” He is really quite a beauty, and he has such a sweet face, ” she said thoughtfully. “What do you say to calling him Black Beauty?”
“Yes! I think that’s a fine name, ” he answered. “If you like, that shall be his name…”

Words from the book “Black Beauty” by Anna Sewell.

White silk crepe and silk chiffon overlay sheath bridal dress from Palazzo. Cream cashmere cardigan by Ralph Lauren Black Label. Groom wears jacket, shirt and pants all at Calvin Klein Collection.

(Picture- Elegant Bride)

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4 responses to “Winning Horse #3: Black Beauty

  1. Gorgeous picture. I had a horse when I was young, named Chesnut!:)

  2. yum. so sweet… i’m loving the horse theme. i was in montana a couple weeks ago and ALL i wanted to do was ride horses! i used to do it as a child, and i totally miss it…

  3. ooh, this photo is so dreamy and romantic! it reminds me of everything I loved about the costumes and sets in the movie ‘Atonement’.

  4. Love the horse stories! I was a totally horse-obsessed teen and was lucky to have my own for a few years, Sheena. One day I’ll get another one…sigh…Such romantic pictures – thanks for sharing!