Twiggy’s Outfit #1

This past summer I went to a local antique fair and bought a paper doll set. Not just any paper doll, but a Twiggy paper doll from 1967. And she came complete with two uncut sheets of paper clothes! So, I thought it might be fun to post every Monday, a Twiggy outfit! Don’t worry, Margot, I’m not cutting the paper, just scanning the images. Here’s the first-

On her way to meet friends for brunch, Twiggy wears two hot trends for this fall- a cape and patterned tights!

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(Photos- Look Magazine, Vogue. Paper doll- Martha B.)

5 thoughts on “Twiggy’s Outfit #1

  1. Yay, the Twiggy doll! Did you happen to see the vintage 70’s denim one that my friend Milla sent me? I blogged about it here. I thought of your Twiggy doll when I got her :)

  2. hi, i love your blog! I’m always inspired! How do you do the polaroid frames with the Twiggy pics?

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