Cool Cats

When I was growing up my family were (and still are) cat lovers. In the process of thirty years we owned (or maybe they owned us?!) ten cats- Smokey, Rufus, Fluff, Zach, Mini, Willie, Tiger, Angus, Sparky and last but not least, Opie. So, I chuckled when I saw these drawings by Vogue’s creative director Grace Coddington who also has a thing for cats- especially ones that dress in style!

(Model Karen Elson protrayed Coddington in a recent Vogue article along with Coddington’s own drawings.)

Update: Check out the book “The Catwalk Cats” by Grace Coddington and Didier Malige.

One thought on “Cool Cats

  1. In my family, our cool cats always came in pairs and we always gave them cool names. :) I currently have an old cool cat named Dhafney. Niles used to be her partner in crime before he left us. Over the years we’ve had Camellia Kitty and Fat Boy, and Ferris and Samone. Cats are wonderful!

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