Two Of A Kind- Follow Up

My friend Margot and I had such a good time at the antique fair! We left my home very early in the morning- just after 6 a.m. We wanted to get to the fair grounds to find a good place to park. What we did find is that neither one of us is good at navigating- we needed a GPS! But we did get there and spent the rest of the day looking at tons of stuff!

A table filled with silver trophies from 1911-1954. I really wanted to buy all of them but had to be content with just one!

Assorted metal letters covered another table.

The beautiful shade of blue caught my eye- all from a dismantled porch: railings, posts and decorative mouldings.

Check this out! A House and Garden Interior Decorator Set! Margot and I were both fascinated with this but after examining it more closely we found it didn’t have all the pieces.

And what did Margot and I get? Margot bought a victorian lace bag and three old bottles.  I bought two vintage design magazines and a 1922 silver trophy.

(Photos: Martha B. except the first one- Glamour)

5 thoughts on “Two Of A Kind- Follow Up

  1. I loved hearing all about your visit to the Antique fair with Margot! Sounds like it was so much fun! Wow, I don’t know how you held yourself back on those trophies!

  2. Anna- I checked ebay for prices on trophies when I got home…they were higher there than at the show. I could kick myself for not buying at least one more! Margot and I are now thinking…Brimfield! (that’s the largest antique fair on the east coast!) :)

  3. Wow—looks like a great fair! And I love what you did with the trophy once you got home. The combo of tarnished silver against the bright flowers is so striking! Can I come next time?


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