Lil’Pix #74: Andrew Warhola

In 1949, Andrew Warhola was working in New York City when one of his illustrations was published. However the magazine made an  error- they forgot the last “A” in his surname.  He decided to keep it that way and today we know him as Andy Warhol.

McCall’s magazine, 1954.

2 thoughts on “Lil’Pix #74: Andrew Warhola

  1. Interesting. I bet you’re very good at Trivial Pursuit!! Where do you come up with all this information??? ;-)
    I’m so happy you had a good time this weekend! Sounds like it would have been fun. I need to find some friends to go do stuff like that with me!

    And thanks for sending some cooler weather! It’s been rainy down here (at least today), and the highs have been in the 80’s. Which is very cool for August in Texas!

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