Two Of A Kind

Do you have a friend who enjoys doing the same things you do? That’s my friend, Margot. She and I are really two of a kind- family oriented, lovers of old homes, and known to climb into a few dumpsters looking for stuff. We even considered going into business together and calling ourselves- M&M for Margot and Martha (notice I let your name be first, Margot!)  Our next adventure starts Thursday as we head out together leaving behind husbands, kids, and pets to attend the Madison-Bouckville Antiques Fair in upstate New York.

(Photo- Glamour Magazine)

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5 thoughts on “Two Of A Kind

  1. This is GORGEOUS! Love the image, love your story about your friend and you! I read your blog everyday and even though I don’t comment I just love your posts SO much! But I had to comment on this one!!

  2. Sounds fantastic! I have a friend like that too, although, we haven’t been able to tear ourselves away from the kids in a long time.

    Enjoy your weekend, and good luck at the fair!

  3. I love the pic…. so is this you and your friend playing dress up? Do you both like vintage purple skirts as well???? ;-)

    Have a great time – sounds like a lot of fun!!
    Hope you two find some treasures!

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