Lil’Pix #73: Hint Of Fall

After weeks of the summer’s heat, we’ve had several days of beautiful cool weather- a hint of Fall! To tell you the truth I love the Fall and can’t wait to put away shorts and pile on sweaters! A perfect knit piece is this long gray cardigan dress to wear on its own or over jeans.

6 thoughts on “Lil’Pix #73: Hint Of Fall

  1. if only i had saved my sweater dresses from high school…i swear, i had ones that looked exactly like those showing up on runways and in magazines. oh well…styles come full circle!

  2. I wonder if I could wear that to the playground with my kids?

    I am so ready for sweaters, this summer has been long and hot.

  3. Please send some cooler fall weather our way…. I am afraid we won’t be getting any of that until AT LEAST October. Possibly November.

    But then again, it never quite gets as cold down here, and Spring arrives in February/March.

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