Vocabulary #11: Seasons

Seasonsany of the four arbitrary divisions of the year, characterized chiefly by differences in temperature, precipitation, amount of daylight, and plant growth; spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Spring: Ivory lace dress by Lavalia London. Spotted hat with flowers and feather collar both from Basia Zarzycka. Satin boots at Henry Kaye.

Summer: Antique pink taffeta puffball dress from Ian Stuart Bride worn with Jimmy Choo red shoes. Cute hat by Rachel Trevor-Morgan.

Autumn: Champagne stain dress and hand beaded bolero with the belt worn as a headband are all by Jason Jennings. Beautiful gloves with pearl detail from Henry Kaye.

Winter: Silver sequin sheath style dress with a flower detail at Vera Wang. The fun feather wrap is from Basia Zarzycka. VV Rouleaux made the headpiece.

(Photos- British Cosmo Bride)


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