Kidfile #17: Curt’s Self-Portraits

Our son Curt did his first self-portrait when he was three and his most recent one this year. I love to watch the slow changes and progress of how he observes himself.

Age 3: He could barely hold a pencil and just drew the essentials- head, eyes, mouth and a scribble of hair.

Age 4: By nursery school, he was using crayons and starting to add stick-arms to his head.

Age 6: This is one of my favorites. Every day he would spend several hours at the kitchen table with his markers practicing his drawing. He was fascinated with ears and dimples (the backwards c-shape on his cheek!)

Age 8: Curt wanted his portraits more life-like, but he found it challenging to draw his nose and mouth!

Age 12: He notices his slight chin cleft and a shadow of hair on his upper lip.

Mothers! Take the time to have your kids do self-portraits. You’ll be glad you did!

(All art work by- Curtis B.)

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