Lil’Pix #70: Maine Attraction

The summer after I graduated from high school I went to Maine to spend a week with three of my closest girlfriends. One of them had a family vacation home there. It was a beautiful old house built on the rocky coast. From the second floor porch I would watch the sunsets. This photo isn’t from that house, but it reminds me of it. It’s actually the foyer of another home in Maine- the Olsen house. Not sure who they are? Andrew Wyeth painted his most celebrated work “Christine’s World” outside this front door!

Check out the soft stenciled leaf patterns on the floor!

(From: Fine Homebuilding; Photo: Brian Vanden Brink)

4 thoughts on “Lil’Pix #70: Maine Attraction

  1. I love the stenciled leaves!

    Okay, this is totally not “designer-y” of me… but do you think the same could be done with little paw prints?? Maybe to help conceal the real ones?? ;-)

  2. I also wanted to thank you for writing about Andrew Wyeth. He’s a name I’ve heard about before, but I’ve just finished following all your links and am really impressed by him. He is really talented, thanks for sharing!

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