StyleFile #40: Christmas In July- Trees

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a tree! Ahh…but what kind of tree?! Here are just a few options for tweaking yours this year-

Idea #1: Tinker Toy Tree
Raid your child’s toy box for some tinker toys and create this fun tabletop tree!

Idea #2: Antique Clothes Dryer Tree
Matthew Mead took an ordinary antique clothes dryer and made a one of kind tree.

Idea #3: Charlie Brown’s Tree
“All it needs is a little love, Charlie Brown.” Take a cue from Linus- Find a simple pine branch to place in a glass container.

Idea #4: Hanging Pine Branch
Another way of using a pine tree branch- Affix it to the wall with picture hooks and twin found at craft stores. Then add some ornaments using ribbon ties.

Idea #5: Topiary Bay Tree
A traditional tree wouldn’t do for designer Christian Tortu! He artfully inserted fir boughs into a large topiary bay tree
and filled the clay container with oranges!

Idea #6: A Tree Painted Red
Three cans of red spray paint + one dead pine = a totally fun tree!

Idea #7: Cast Iron Tree Stand
Forget the Christmas tree! Instead use its cast iron stand for a beautiful orchid.

(Photos- 1: Unknown, 2: Country Living, 3: Holiday Ideas Magazine, 4: Sunset, 5: House Beautiful, 6: Better Homes and Gardens)



2 thoughts on “StyleFile #40: Christmas In July- Trees

  1. these are great. especially love that tinker toy tree…my girl’s have a huge bin of those. we’re definitely doing that this year.

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