Lil’Pix #60: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

In 2004, J. Crew had a decision to make. Their retail sales had been sagging but they wanted to pursue their own line of wedding dresses. They decided to jump in with their first simple dresses appearing in several of the catalogs. A risky venture? Yes, but “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” J.Crew’s choice was brilliant. They gained not only stable footing financially but also an audience of enthusiastic brides!

J.Crew’s 2004 catalog included this wedding dress- cream colored French lace with spaghetti straps, a scalloped front and back necklines. Check out the groom’s jacket and shorts!


2 thoughts on “Lil’Pix #60: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

  1. I love this photo!

    Even though they’ve had some tough times, J.Crew has been able to sustain a fresh, consistent look when other brands start to be too trendy or fall behind the times.

  2. I think their line of wedding dresses is great! They’re casual, beautiful, affordable, and readily available.

    All great for that shot-gun wedding…. just kidding!! ;-)

    Seriously though – they’re wonderful for garden or beach weddings, or quick elopements!

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