A Few Of My Favorite Things #3: Aunt Bee’s Portrait

The things you love make a house a home.

At the age of three, our son became curious about the pictures of people hanging on our walls. He’d point and ask who they were. Most were relatives or friends. However, there was one painted portrait of a woman hanging in our bedroom that I had bought at a yard sale for $3 that was no relation. So, I told him I didn’t know who she was and I thought we should name her. Even though there’s no resemblance at all, I said, “How about Aunt Bee?” (after the character in The Andy Griffith Show). He agreed. For nine years now we’ve had her hanging proudly in our house.

‘Aunt Bee‘ on a wall of vintage fabric above a McCoy pottery vase.
(If anyone recognizes her, let us know so we can call her by her real name! :-)

(Photo- Martha B.)

3 thoughts on “A Few Of My Favorite Things #3: Aunt Bee’s Portrait

  1. martha b! love Aunt B! i have clients who have a whole wall of “faux ancestors”… which brings me great delight! Aunt B is a good one!

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