Vocabulary #3: Pool Party

pool party- a social gathering for celebration in and around an enclosed body of water.

Have a great fourth of July weekend!

(Photo- vintage House and Garden)


3 thoughts on “Vocabulary #3: Pool Party

  1. hi – I love how the flowers…candles… in the pool seem to continue onto the tablecovers – so pretty ~

  2. Mart, where do you get the Vintage magazines? Are they in your basement or attic? :o) They are awesome, makes me wish I kept some of my fav’s…I just keep pic’s, as you know.


  3. I’ve gotten quite a few emails asking me where to find vintage magazines. Some places to look- used book stores, ebay, antique malls, flea markets and paper recycling bins. Also, let friends and family know you want them. :)

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