Wedding Inspiration Board- Asian Influence

Having read a number of Asian history books recently and with the Olympic Games in China around the corner, I felt inspired to create a wedding board based on-

“Asian Influence”

I love the idea of the Chinese traditional colors but would opt for a softer version of them- straw yellow, bamboo green, ink blue, cotton white and just a touch of red. I suggest using simple gestures toward Asian design- a garden ceremony with a reception at a wonderful restaurant ( Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, etc.) I might add craftpaper origami cranes, centerpieces of a single flower in a modern vase or place settings with each guest’s name written in Asian script letters.

first row: garden twine, letterpress card, yohji yamamoto white shirt dresses

second row: great wall of china, reeds, art brushes for writing

third row: rose ring, 1940’s chinese passport, peasant hat


Vera Wang captures the simple elegance of Asian design in this wedding dress.

Bridal bouquet rests on a special plant stand from The color of Magic.

For the reception tables- jars filled with origami paper stars and at each place setting…

…chinese fortune sticks. And don’t forget these…

…paper lanterns!

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