StyleFile #39: Christmas In July: Stars

That’s right. I’m posting Christmas ideas in July. And why not? It’s only six months away!

Idea #1: Pencil Eraser Star Stamper

#1. Martha Stewart uses an exacto knife to create this stamper out of a pencil earser. Great for wrapping paper and ribbon!

Idea #2: Yarn Stars

#2. Artist Marinda Stewart took Classic Elite yarn (a blend of silk and mohair) to make these wrapped stars- you can try foam core or wood but cookie cutters with no handles are the easiest to wrap. The knit-textured vase by Alyssa Ettinger.

Idea #3: Door With Star

#3. A star decorates the bottom portion of a door using upholstery tacks available at sewing supply stores. Leave it up all year!

Idea #4: Chalk Stars

#4. Here holiday messages in words and stars are written on a wall of chalkboard paint.

Idea #5: Wooden Star Wreath

#5. Painted wooden star can be a substitute for a traditional green wreath. This one by Accents de Ville.

Idea #6: Windowbox Of Stars

#6. Decorate an empty sill with a box of small green boxwoods, a string of lights and a layer of white marble chips. The stars- bent copper wire from Home Depot!

Idea #7: Canopy of Stars

#7. Sleep beneath the stars! Matthew Mead hangs greens and star ornaments from a wooden canopy bed.

(#1-From: Martha Stewart Living Magazine #2- From: Yarn Market News. Photograph by: Rose Callahan. #3-From: Maison Francais. Photograph by: Gerald Le Signe? #4- From: Living Etc. #5- From: Country Home. Photograph by: John Kernick.#6-From: Better Homes and Gardens. #7- From: Country Home. Photograph by Quetin Bacon)

Star Update-

Aren’t these large galvanized metal stars fun?! Meant to be used outdoors you hang them on tree branches, fences, gates,  or other outside structure. From Smith and Hawken.

Updated 12/2014- Large paper origami stars from Toast.


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2 responses to “StyleFile #39: Christmas In July: Stars

  1. Ooh! I’m so glad someone else starts thinking about Christmas early. I always start thinking about it now, and what great things I could do this year, if I was just to get a jump on it now. Sadly, it never happens. But I LOVE the star yarn ornaments and window box wire stars. Maybe this year…