StyleFile #39: Christmas In July: Stars

That’s right. I’m posting Christmas ideas in July. And why not? It’s only six months away!

Idea #1: Pencil Eraser Star Stamper

#1. Martha Stewart uses an exacto knife to create this stamper out of a pencil earser. Great for wrapping paper and ribbon!

Idea #2: Yarn Stars

#2. Artist Marinda Stewart took Classic Elite yarn (a blend of silk and mohair) to make these wrapped stars- you can try foam core or wood but cookie cutters with no handles are the easiest to wrap. The knit-textured vase by Alyssa Ettinger.

Idea #3: Door With Star

#3. A star decorates the bottom portion of a door using upholstery tacks available at sewing supply stores. Leave it up all year!

Idea #4: Chalk Stars

#4. Here holiday messages in words and stars are written on a wall of chalkboard paint.

Idea #5: Wooden Star Wreath

#5. Painted wooden star can be a substitute for a traditional green wreath. This one by Accents de Ville.

Idea #6: Windowbox Of Stars

#6. Decorate an empty sill with a box of small green boxwoods, a string of lights and a layer of white marble chips. The stars- bent copper wire from Home Depot!

Idea #7: Canopy of Stars

#7. Sleep beneath the stars! Matthew Mead hangs greens and star ornaments from a wooden canopy bed.

(#1-From: Martha Stewart Living Magazine #2- From: Yarn Market News. Photograph by: Rose Callahan. #3-From: Maison Francais. Photograph by: Gerald Le Signe? #4- From: Living Etc. #5- From: Country Home. Photograph by: John Kernick.#6-From: Better Homes and Gardens. #7- From: Country Home. Photograph by Quetin Bacon)

Star Update

Aren’t these large galvanized metal stars fun?! Meant to be used outdoors you hang them on tree branches, fences, gates,  or other outside structure. From Smith and Hawken.

Updated 12/2014– Large paper origami stars from Toast.


Update 10/2016- Terrain offers this star wreath for Christmas decorating.


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  1. Ooh! I’m so glad someone else starts thinking about Christmas early. I always start thinking about it now, and what great things I could do this year, if I was just to get a jump on it now. Sadly, it never happens. But I LOVE the star yarn ornaments and window box wire stars. Maybe this year…

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