Mary Jane Shoes

We’re all familiar with Mary Jane shoes- the style that typically has a single strap over the top of the foot, but are you familiar with their history?

Mary Jane and her well-known brother, Buster Brown, were the comic strip creations of Richard Outcault in the early 1900’s. They were so popular that Outcault sold his characters’ names to several companies. One was Brown Shoes who designed a simple leather shoe and called it “Mary Jane.” The shoes gained fame when the company used midgets as Buster and Mary Jane in national advertisements.

Mary Jane shoes have now become a classic among women. Here, a fantastic handmade pair by Hetty Rose.

Does anyone remember the name of Buster and Mary Jane’s dog?


4 thoughts on “Mary Jane Shoes

  1. You’re absolutely right! :) Did you ever wear these shoes as a kid? I would beg my mom for a pair…mainly because I loved the drawings of Buster and Tige on the box!

  2. I love those Mary Janes! They’re gorgeous.

    Thanks for such an interesting post- that’s something I probably wouldn’t have ever known :)

  3. I had to wear corrective shoes till I was in elementary school, so I didn’t have too many pretty options. I remember wearing the little cloth Mary Janes all through college though!

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