A Few Of My Favorite Things #2: Kitchen Table

The things you love make a house a home.

My design mentor and friend Al has a very full basement. He runs his business from it and stores everything imaginable there- from tools, furniture, magazines, books, and dozens of boxes of who-knows-what. In the midst of renovating our house, Al would periodically stop by to check our progress. One day he asked about my plans for a kitchen table. I told him I had an oak one that I wasn’t too thrilled with. And that’s when he suggested a vintage Formica table that he had in his basement. In all the years I had worked for Al, I had never noticed such a thing. He said it was hidden underneath some stuff- that was his way of saying that it was buried somewhere! It would be quite a job to get it out, but he was willing. Days passed. Weeks passed. No table. I finally figured that if I wanted it, I’d have be obnoxiously assertive. So I called him and said I’d be over in fifteen minutes to pick it up in a borrowed truck. As I pulled up to his huge Victorian house, there he was lugging the table out through the basement door!

And I love how it looks in our kitchen! Thanks, Al!

(Photo- Martha B. and Andy H.)


2 thoughts on “A Few Of My Favorite Things #2: Kitchen Table

  1. Sigh…. I love your little eating nook!
    I love the view, the beadboard ceiling, the traditional mixed with the more modern lines of the table (which is fabulous) and the chairs.

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