Home Sweet Home

Before Mary Randolph Carter chronicled and photographed her parent’s historic Virginia home in the classic book “American Family Style” in 1988, House and Garden magazine came for a visit in 1972. They were impressed with the large Carter family (Mary was one of nine children), and the ingenuity and creativity used to restore the once-neglected old house. Here are a few photographs from that 1972 article-

The original part of the house dates from 1680.

The property plan: 1. 1690’s house. 2. Living-dining room addition. 3. Kitchen wing. 4. Herb garden. 5. Vegetable patch. 6. Formal gardens with treehouse. 7. Brick terrace and porch. 8. Guest quarters. 9. Enclosed yard with toolhouse, smokehouse, and children’s store. 10. Wellhouse. 11. Grass autocourt. 12. Horse barn.

Brick paved terrace leads to the porch and entrance into the living and dining room.

Added to the main house was the kitchen wing pictured above.

In the oldest part of the house is the library. On the wall to the left is a tiny fireplace that takes coal or kindling.

One of several guest rooms at the Carter home.

Taking a rest in a hammock just outside the family-built log cabin.

(Photos- House and Garden 1972)


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  1. I love old houses like these! It’s amazing that the interiors – because they went with classics and what would have been appropriate – don’t look dated at all (i.e. – no shag carpeting!)

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