Lil’Pix #45: Dots O’ Carpet

I can’t seem to get enough of dots! I found this picture tucked in my file on bedrooms and it’s done by one of my favorite designers- Tom Scheerer. The creative genius that he is, Scheerer came up with this clever carpet of dots! They’re actually small round mats from Ikea that he sewed together.

(Photo- House and Garden)

4 thoughts on “Lil’Pix #45: Dots O’ Carpet

  1. Hi Martha!

    I’m ashamed to admit that we watched the VERY trashy new show “Swingtown” last night, and I thought of you. NO, not because I think you are a swinger, but because they had excellent fashion and design (and music!) from 1976, and I always love your vintage finds. You might want to check it out next week. I think you’d love the houses it takes place in and the great clothes.

  2. i love this room…tom scheerer is so great…how clever. + it’s awesome that he’s not above using ikea in such a bold way in that room.

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