Then&Now: Garden Fashion

I’m currently reading “Garden People” by Ursula Buchan who gives insight into the lives and plants of well-known British gardeners with wonderful photographs by gardener/photographer Valerie Finnis. Valerie’s pictures capture an age of gardening (1940’s-1970’s) that is sadly gone now. She also captures how stylish these gardeners looked as only the British can and the rest of us can only try to imitate.

ThenLady Rhoda Birley in her garden attire is caught on film by fellow gardener/photographer Valerie Finnis.

Now- Inspired by the British, these gardening clothes are put together by the stylists at Free People.

ThenAnother delightful picture of Lady Birley- check out the nickers! Don’t you love her red hair?!

Now- This red head is dressed for gardening from a 2005 issue of Domino Magazine- here with layered tops, a pair of twill shorts, a scarf and a necklace-watch.

Then- Although she’s from America, Nancy Lancaster had a house and garden in England. She looks very British in her tweed jacket and gloves.

Now– Ready for work in the greenhouse- a model for Toast wears a jacket, plaid shirt and pair of pants from the Fall/Winter collection 2007.

(Photos-  Flickr, World of Interiors)

4 thoughts on “Then&Now: Garden Fashion

  1. Oh my goodness!
    I love it all… a beautiful selection of ‘gardening ladies’… I hope I look this lovely while I’m working in the yard… I know I don’t… in fact I just came inside from watering, and if anyone had seen me they would have thought I was crazy – swatting at mosquitos and dancing around so they wouldn’t eat me alive as I watered my babies.

  2. It’s hard enough gardening in muggy 95 degree weather, I don’t think I could do it if I had to look good at the same time.

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