Peru, Fashion And A Llama

While my family lived in Costa Rica, my dad took several trips to other parts of Latin America. In 1967, he took a one month trip to Peru. Since there were no phone lines in most of the rural areas, he was completely out of touch with us except for letters. We were certainly relieved when he returned home safely! I remember the gift he brought me- a silver pin in the shape of a llama. I still have it.

I enjoy this photo layout from the March 2008 issue of British Vogue- all taken in Peru! A model wears a riot of colors in the mountains of Peru- leading a valuable wool-producing llama. The fashion here is-an embroidered cotton dress from Nicole Farhi, tulle skirts from Beyond Retro and a wool/straw hat by Wunderkind.

This is overlooking the town of Cuzco in Peru at the foothills of the Andes. The colorful printed tights are by Etro.

Where to go from here? Tourists are encouraged to visit the “Lost City of the Incas.” If my dad had just had an extra $100 for the trip, he could’ve gone. It’s something he still laments. The above shot shows models wearing a silk dress (left) by Jean Paul Gaultier and bell-bottom jeans (right) from Belmain.

My treasured silver llama pin from Peru. Thanks again, Dad!

Updated 1/3/2013- Llama printed shirt from J.Crew.



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