Then&Now: My Old Kitchen Hoosier

A while back Rachel at Black*Eiffel posted glimpses into some bloggers’ kitchens including a peek into my kitchen hoosier. If you missed it, here it is-


Then- By the 1900’s a hoosier cabinet was a prominent fixture in American kitchens. Designed and made by the Hoosier Co. in Indiana, these free standing kitchen cabinets were an answer to the lack of storage space. They had built-in bins for flour and sugar, shelves and racks for boxes and canned goods. Some even had a grinder attached for meat. An enamel tray could slide out for a work space. And best of all when it wasn’t being used a tambour door concealed everything from view.


Now- I found our 1930’s hoosier in upstate New York. It fits perfectly in our kitchen. What’s inside you ask?


The hoosier is full of cereal, canned soups, Crazy Richard’s Peanut Butter, and jars of tomato sauce. In the drawers are paper napkins, pens, pencils and stuff for our dog Jasper. On the bottom shelf is our coffee maker and paper towel supply.

(Photos- Hoosier Manufacturing Co., Martha B.)