Lil’Pix #29: The Right Trousers

Every morning I would rush to school early to see my favorite teacher come in. It was the 1970’s and I had discovered high fashion personified in a first grade teacher named Miss Fines. She was model tall and wore all the latest styles. One day she came wearing the widest bell bottom trousers I had ever seen. On her they were spectacular! I can still see her gliding across the parking lot heading toward the school door. Suddenly she noticed me and waved. I was too shy to wave back. These huge bell bottom trousers are back but I doubt I’ll be wearing them. No one could compete with Miss Fines!

A pair of bell bottoms from Jaeger that Miss Fines would love! Floral top at Laura Ashley and beaded cotton bag by Jamin Puech.

(Photo- UK Marie Claire)

2 thoughts on “Lil’Pix #29: The Right Trousers

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this look. those pants are amazing. great photo – it fits perfectly in your blog. i also really like the look in their online store.

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