Family Album #1: My Dad’s Vespa

During the 1960’s my parents were living and working in Costa Rica. At that time the “family car” wasn’t a car at all, it was a light blue Vespa 150. My dad had bought it from a friend who was moving and used it for the next ten years. We kids (I have an older brother and younger sister) all loved when my dad would take us for rides! One of us would sit in the back and the other would stand just behind the steering handles. And none of us wore helmets! Dad had only one accident with the Vespa. It was when a taxi stopped short in front of him and he sideswiped it and bounced off and hit a utility pole. Although he broke his tail bone it didn’t stop him from continuing to drive it. To this day he talks wistfully about how much he enjoyed owning one.

My parents and older brother ready for a ride on our Vespa.

If I got up early enough I would get to go with my dad on the Vespa to the local bakery.

For my dad’s birthday I found this small model of a Vespa on Ebay.

3 thoughts on “Family Album #1: My Dad’s Vespa

  1. I always have thought it would be cool to ride on one of those! I’ve never gotten a chance, and living where I do you really need a true car as there are lots of highways – everything’s so spread out.
    What a sweet gift though! I’m sure he’ll love it!

  2. Hi Rachel- Vespas are a blast to ride! I’ve often thought of getting one but there’s just too many cars where we live. Maybe someday…:)

  3. I have ridden one daily for the last 15 years, both commuting and on very, very long journeys and I’ve never gotten bored riding one yet. Every journey is an adventure on a Vespa!

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