Vocabulary #1: Week*ender

weekendera person who takes a vacation or goes for a visit on a weekend.

Rattan plate at Jacqueline Edge; basket by Decorative Living; paisley fabric from De Le Cuona.

(Photo by Caroline Arber for UK House and Garden)


Lil’Pix #41: Wedding Car

Getting from the chapel to the reception site usually calls for a vehicle- traditionally a limousine. But if you want to try something a bit different how about a vintage V.W. Volkswagen bus. Talk about fun!

Groom wears gray raw silk shirt by Pal Aileri and linen pants from a suit in Daks Luxury Collection. On the bride is a silver spaghetti-strap dress from Jasmine Bridal.

(Photo by Antony Nobilo for British Cosmo Bride. Styled by Sally Dixon)

Then&Now: Nibs

People have asked me where the name for my blog Nibs comes from. While I was planning a blog, I had a collection of possible names that I emailed to friends and family for their opinion- Nibs was the clear winner! It’s really a play on the word nib which by definition is the point of a pen or pencil.

Then- The tip of a quill used for writing is referred to as a nib.

Then- A beautiful set of vintage metal nibs for fountain pens.

Now– One of my first designs for the header of my blog- Nibs.

Now- A pair of earrings created from vintage nibs.

Now- The best candy- Twizzlers Nibs!

His And Hers

I read somewhere that the key to a happy marriage is separate bathrooms- his and hers. This got me thinking of other things that couples would love to keep separate.

His refrigerator


His car interior


What other things would you love to keep apart?!

(Photo- Apartment Therapy, French Marie Claire Ideas, American Homestyle and Gardening, Country Living Country Gardens)

Lil’Pix #38: Sweet And Simple Wedding

Most couples in the 1940’s had small weddings that were sweet and simple- ceremonies were either done at home or in the church they attended, cake and coffee were served in dining rooms or church basements, photographs were taken by friends or family members and the honeymoon was a trip to Niagara Falls. To tell you the truth, I love this kind of wedding! Don’t you?!

(Photo by Nick Scott for British Cosmo Bride)