StyleFile #36: Turtle Shells

Over the past several years, large turtle shells have been showing up on the walls and shelves of homes. I don’t advocate the killing of turtles for their shells. As a kid I had one for a pet. But if you’re into this trend make sure that the shell you purchase is from a reliable source.

This snapping turtle shell ready for display- available at The Evolution Store.

1. A unique collection of antiques and found objects includes a light colored turtle’s shell.

2. In the home of Peter Som a shell is proudly placed on the fireplace mantle.

3. Dimonah and Mehmet Iksel‘s home is filled with things from around the world. One treasure is the turtle shell on the chest of drawers.

4. This turtle shell is mounted on a metal stand. Note how the visual weight of it balances the large lamp.

5. The exuberant apartment of Elizabeth Saltzman shows a turtle shell hanging on the wall.

6. A beautiful antique turtle shell fills the space of an unused fireplace.

(Photos- 1. World of Interiors-Photo by Simon Upton 2. Elle Decor-Photo by William Waldron 3. Elle Decor-Photo by Simon Upton 4. Elle Decor 5& 6. Elle Decor- Photos by William Abranowiecz)

Update- New from Ballard Designs are these resin turtle shells each on its own stand.


Update 4/15/2012Sun bleached turtle shells available at Jayson Home are perfect for display. Sizes will vary from 4″(small) to 6″ (large).

One thought on “StyleFile #36: Turtle Shells

  1. Martha B, have you seen the resin (man-made) ones? I had not until Domino came last night… they are SO cool! Kelly Wearstler used them in – I’ll email ya. For “faux” they are “faux real good”.
    I love turtles and their shells. In fact, this weekend I helped a little turtle across the road.
    great post!

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